vBIO - Vesting BIO

BIO Vesting Contracts


BIO utilizes several contracts to distribute vBIO and ultimately BIO to the ecosystem. To simplify the interaction with vBIO for users while enabling future extendibility of vBIO, bio.xyz’s team chosen to split vBIO on several contracts. Currently 2 vBIO contracts are deployed. However, for other DAO proposals or additional functionality, more vBIO contracts could be deployed.

Contract Overview

The current contracts are:

BIO Vesting Master inherits all balances from the underlying Vesting Token Contract. This way users can see the total vBIO balance they have across all contracts by looking at one contract: The BIO Vesting Master. The following graph explains the relation between the contracts visually:

Some users might see two vBio balances in their wallet if they have added both contracts to their wallet tokens. To know their total vBIO balance, they are adviced to just add the BIO Vesting Master contract to their wallet. Otherwise they may see their tokens duplicated in case of both contracts being added to their wallet.

Vesting Contract's relation to BIO Token Contract

All vesting contracts need to have the relevant BIO balance for them to create and manage vesting schedules. Therefore, all vesting contracts are equal to each other as they all relate to the one and only BIO contract regarding their underlying BIO tokens. If a user claims in any of the vesting contracts BIO for vBIO, it will return the BIO from the one and only BIO contract. Independent of which Vesting Contract they interact with.

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