BIO Airdrop

You can check eligibility and claim the BIO Airdrop here:

Full details of the BIO Airdrop can be found in BIOPSY-3.


  • 3% of BIO supply airdropped

  • >8,500 addresses qualified

  • Users claim vBIO (vested BIO) that is immediately redeemable for $BIO

  • The $BIO token is non-transferrable until governance votes to unlock it.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Placed bids in bioDAO* auctions

  • Held >$100 of bioDAO tokens before April 1, 2024

  • Provided liquidity for bioDAO tokens

  • Actively participated in bioDAO Discords

  • Core contributor at a bioDAO

  • Donate to DeSci projects on Gitcoin *bioDAOs are DeSci DAOs from the BIO ecosystem, which currently include: VitaDAO, HairDAO, AthenaDAO, CryoDAO, PsyDAO, ValleyDAO, Cerebrum DAO.

The airdrop is fully vested upon claiming. The BIO token is currently non-transferable. For technical reasons, we distribute all tokens through the vBIO contract. Airdrop recipients may convert their vBIO into BIO at any time, although there is no practical reason to do so until BIO becomes transferable, as determined by a governance vote.

bioGenesis Airdrop

There was also a small airdrop, amounting to 1% of the total supply, allocated to the initial BIO core community which consists of individuals who have contributed to building and participating in the program over its first 2 years. The terms for this airdrop include a 1-year cliff followed by a 6-year vesting period, managed through the vBIO contract.

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